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Common Types of Disabilities that Qualify for Florida Social Security Disability Benefits


If you cannot work due to a debilitating injury or chronic disease, you may be extremely frustrated and have concerns about how you will pay bills. There are currently more than ten million people who are receiving Social Security disability benefits. Nearly nine million of those people are disabled workers, one million disabled adults, and the remainder is widows, widowers, and children of disabled workers. Their conditions and injuries are varied, but some types of injuries and conditions are more common than others.

While many people receive benefits, many others were wrongfully denied benefits, sometimes due to a simple mistake or error on their application. If you believe you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, don’t attempt to handle your own application. Speak with an Orlando Social Security Disability lawyer at the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A. first.

What Determines if You’re Disabled?

The SSA has specific criteria on what qualifies as being disabled for benefits purposes. Someone will be considered disabled by SSA if they:

  • Cannot do their prior job;
  • Cannot adjust and do new jobs; and
  • Has already been disabled for over a year, will be disabled for over a year, or will die from their ailment.

Common Injuries in Social Security Disability Claims

Some of the more common injuries we see in Social Security Disability claims include the following:

Head injuries—Head injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, can leave victims with long-term physical and psychological problems. Symptoms will vary, but brain injuries can lead to confusion, communication problems, seizures, cognitive impairment, and more. Other related injuries include optic nerve damage, retinal detachment, and vitreous hemorrhage.

Back injuries—Back injuries are widespread and can include damage to your vertebrae, spine, muscles, or discs. Depending on the location of the injuries, you could have difficulty and considerable pain sitting for long periods, bending, standing, lifting, or standing.

Neck injuries—While neck injuries are common in car accidents, slip and falls, sports accidents, and more. However, neck pain can also develop after sitting too long, especially at a computer.

Hip injuries—Sports injuries, slip and falls, and overuse from certain activities are a few of the issues that can lead to hip injuries such as strains, dislocations, bursitis, and fractures, and more. Osteoporosis is a common problem as well, especially as we age. It causes your bones to become weaker, which can lead to fractures.

Knee injuries—Your knees absorb a lot of pressure, especially if you are very physically active. It is very easy to damage tendons or ligaments. Sprains, tears, and dislocations are common. Some people never fully recover after suffering one of these injuries.

Numerous other injuries are also relatively common, including hand and wrist injuries, eye injuries, ankle and foot injuries, burns, and amputations.

Contact an Orlando Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney

If you have an injury or illness that keeps you from working, you could be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Contact the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A. today to schedule an initial consultation. Let us put our skills and experience to work for you and help you get the benefits you deserve.

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