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Fun Spot America is the perfect place to go when you want to have fun. From mini golf and roller coasters to go-karts and laser tag, there’s something for everyone at Fun Spot. We are located in Kissimmee, just 20 minutes from Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. 

What’s there to do at Fun Spot America Kissimmee, FL? 

Fun Spot America is a family-friendly amusement park with over 40 rides and attractions. The park offers four roller coasters, including one of the tallest in Florida at 190 feet high. 

Other rides include a 200 ft long drop tower, spinning teacups, go-carts, and bumper cars. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, there are also games like air hockey, pool tables, and ping pong to keep you occupied while waiting for your next ride on the coaster train. 

What’s the history of Fun Spot America 

Fun Spot America is a family entertainment center located in Kissimmee, Florida. The park was opened in 1999 by Robert and Mary Buffington. It has since been owned by Fun Spot Inc., which also owns Fun Spot Kissimmee, Fun Spot Orlando, and Palatka Go Kart Racing. 

Fun Spot America is a family entertainment center with a variety of attractions, including go-karts, mini golf, batting cages, and an arcade! 

What are the hours of operation at Fun Spot America? 

Fun Spot America Kissimmee, FL, is open from 10:00 am – 11:00 pm. All attractions are at your disposal during regular business hours, but the arcade will close 30 minutes prior to the park’s closing time! 

If you’re looking for a place to eat before or after your visit, we have plenty of options available! Our food court offers everything from hot dogs to hamburgers, chicken tenders, and fries, as well as salads and pizzas. There’s something for everyone here at Fun Spot America Kissimmee! 

What is the height requirement at Fun Spot America? 

The height requirement for each ride is clearly marked at the entrance to the ride. If you’re not sure if you qualify, check out this chart: 

Ride Minimum Height Requirement 

  • Air Race 4 feet, 3 inches (130 cm) 
  • Boomerang 4 feet, 8 inches (142 cm) 
  • Carousel 2 feet, 11 inches (87 cm) – A carousel is a horse ride that may have other height requirements depending on which animal you choose to ride. Riders must be able to safely hold on with one hand throughout the entire ride duration. This is because animals move independently of each other, and there may be times when riders are required to hold onto their own animal’s reins or handlebars instead of those provided for them by staff members or volunteers.* Crazy Bus 2 feet 6 inches (76 cm) – Riders must be able to sit up straight in an upright position without bending or slouching back towards the seat behind them.* Cyclone 1 foot 9 inches (54 cm) 


We hope this article has helped you learn more about Fun Spot America Kissimmee, FL. It’s a great location for people of all ages and interests to have fun together. 

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