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Kissimmee Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is an emerging area of law that meets the needs of today’s senior citizens. The fact is that seniors have unique legal needs that differ substantially from those of younger Floridians. To ensure that they receive the best legal advice possible, seniors should meet with an attorney who understands their challenges and can craft creative solutions for solving them.

Concerned family members with an elderly relative can also benefit from meeting with a Kissimmee elder law attorney. Many children are seeking guardianship of a parent or trying to untangle their parent’s finances. Choosing an appropriate nursing home is also difficult.

At our firm, we help Kissimmee residents with a variety of legal issues, including those listed below. Contact us today to learn more.

Estate Planning

Now is the time to finally draft an estate plan that can provide protection and peace of mind moving forward. A comprehensive estate plan serves many purposes:

  • Determines who will inherit your assets on death
  • Identifies who will serve as the personal representative of your estate after you die
  • Minimizes taxes by transferring assets in advantageous ways
  • Provides for minor children and grandchildren, if you have any

An estate plan is more than a will, and it does more than identify who will inherit your home. It should also deal with intellectual property, digital assets, and pets.

There is no “one size fits all” estate plan that works for everyone, which is why do-it-yourself drafting programs are a mistake. For example, they might have a loved one with a disability. Any gifts or bequests could render them ineligible for government assistance, so proper planning is required. Meet with a Kissimmee elder law attorney to review.

Planning for Incapacity

Illness or accidents can render our clients incapacitated, meaning they cannot make decisions for themselves. In this case, they will need someone else to make decisions for them. Our clients need to consider incapacity in a variety of contexts, but health care decisions and finances are two of the most important.

Guardianship & Conservatorship

When a loved one can no longer handle daily activities, they should have a guardian appointed. This is a court-supervised process and can become quite contested. Our firm has represented children and other concerned relatives who seek to serve as a guardian for an elderly relative. We can also represent those seniors who want to fight off any attempt to make them the ward of someone else.

Medicaid & Nursing Home Planning

The cost of nursing home care has only gone through the roof. Fortunately, Medicaid has a benefit that will pay for certain nursing home care but only if the applicant meets strict income and asset limits.

Unfortunately, many people will go over the limit and be ineligible, but there are ways to preserve assets so that they do not count against you. This is a critical area where many people make mistakes. As an example, you cannot simply gift assets to a child or non-spouse because Medicaid employs a “look back” period, which can result in penalties and delayed payment.

Let Our Kissimmee Elder Law Attorney Help

Our elder community members need a lawyer who always has their best interests in mind. At the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, we can help with a variety of legal needs. Contact us today.


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