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Leesburg SSD Benefit Claims Attorney

Social Security does not only pay out during retirement; many injured individuals rely on Social Security Disability benefits, either as their sole income or as a supplement to other sources of income. If your Social Security Disability (SSD) benefit claim was denied, an attorney can help appeal that decision so that you are awarded the benefits that you need and deserve. Or, if you have yet to file for long term disability benefits, an attorney can help walk you through the process to maximize your chances of being approved quickly and without hassle. Here at the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A., our experienced Leesburg SSD benefit claims attorneys have successfully helped clients in all matters of SSD benefits claims.

What is a Social Security Disability Claim?

If an individual has logged enough Social Security credits through work, and they have a qualifying mental or physical disability that prevents them from earning more than $1,260 a month, they may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. In order to receive benefits, the first step is to file a claim. A Social Security Benefits claim is simply the process of filling out paperwork and filing it with the Social Security Administration to request benefits. A claim contains a number of forms, many of which use complex legal language, and must be filled out accurately and with as much evidence of your disability and income level as possible.

Most Denied Social Security Disability Benefit Claims Can be Won on Appeal

One of the top reasons for a claim being denied is administrative, such as a claim missing paperwork, improperly filled out forms, or a lack of medical evidence when it comes to proving the disability. These innocent errors can throw a major wrench into your finances, as a denial can take months to clear up. On the other hand, many people simply give up after they have been denied. However, most denied SSD claims can actually be won on appeal by working with a skilled SSD attorney.

What Disabilities Qualify for SSD Benefits?

The Social Security Administration has a specific list of qualifying disabilities, and your mental or physical disability must fall under this list. Furthermore, the disability must have already lasted 12 months or be expected to last for more than 12 months in order for the disability to be considered long term. Short term injuries or disabilities do not qualify for SSD benefits.

Call a Leesburg Social Security Disability Lawyer Now

We understand that filing for Social Security Disability benefits can seem like a daunting challenge, because it is. Many applicants are turned down through no real fault of their own. Funds are limited when it comes to disability benefits, which makes the claims process all the more competitive. Your best chance at being accepted into the SSD benefits program is to work with a qualified Leesburg Social Security Disability lawyer. To learn more, contact Shea A. Fugate, P.A. today to schedule a free consultation at your soonest convenience.

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