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Maitland FL NeighborhoodsMaitland FL Neighborhoods

The thought of moving to another city can be exciting. However, the thought of excitement does not always last as what comes with that reality can make one sad. Relocating to another city never takes a day. Although it takes you a day or more to physically relocate, the truth remains that it will take longer to emotionally relocate. Your former city and neighborhood have become a part of you so this is understandable.


Packing into a new neighborhood whether from within or outside the city comes with mixed feelings. You just want to get a perfect neighborhood that suits your lifestyle. Maitland FL Neighborhoods are not just beautiful, their particularly are lovely. If you are moving into the city or within the city, here are some neighborhoods that you may want to consider. Each has different unique things about them. Take a look at their characteristics and make your choice.

Maitland North Neighborhood, Maitland FL Neighborhoods

Maitland North is a suburban neighborhood in Maitland, FL. A good number of the buildings here were built between 1940 and 1969. Many grown-ups here are rich and academic managers. Although their careers and businesses keep them always occupied, they live satisfied and relaxed lives. Maitland North is considered the best selection for an executive lifestyle, therefore if you wish to be around such a company, this neighborhood is perfect for you. The majority of the residents here are married couples and the neighborhood is good for families with children of school age and persons retiring. The common language spoken here is English while some people speak Spanish.

Lake Lovely Neighborhood, Maitland FL Neighborhoods

Just like its name, Lake Lovely neighborhood is a lovely and wonderful neighborhood situated in Maitland, FL. Divorces will adapt to this neighborhood comfortably as many of the residents here are divorcees. Most of the residents here do not buy and own their homes rather they pay rent for them. Unlike other neighborhoods that have a combination of real estate and housing types, Lake Lovely is known for its huge apartments. The neighborhood has plenty of South Americans and South Dominicans residing in them. Lake Lovely neighborhood is a beautiful place to reside in if you love the high taste and want to experience life to the fullest.

Dommerich Cove Neighborhood, Maitland FL Neighborhoods

Dommerich Cove is located in Maitland and consists of homes of medium sizes and apartment complexes. Dommerich Cove neighborhood is one of the nicest and most decent neighborhoods for families in Maitland. The neighborhood is said to be more family-friendly when compared to other neighborhoods in Maitland city. The neighborhood gives a sense of community and peace to its residents. Here, you will find top public schools with low crime rates making the neighborhood conducive for families with children of any age. You do not need to go far in search of basic luxuries as you can find them all within the neighborhood.

Maitland Grove/Maitland Woods Neighborhood, Maitland, FL Neighborhoods

Maitland Grove/Maitland Woods is one of the perfect neighborhoods for retirees in Florida. The neighborhood is peaceful, soothing, and with a high level of security. Asides from very educated retirees, different age groups also reside in the neighborhood. If you are thinking of and planning for your retirement, Maitland Grove/Maitland Woods is a good place to consider.


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