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Disability benefits for breast cancer Orlando FL

Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits for Breast Cancer?

Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits for Breast Cancer? In order to obtain Social Security Disability benefits for breast cancer, the condition must be severe enough to prevent you from engaging in any gainful employment activity. This is the rule of thumb with regard to Social Security Disability benefits, generally. Disability benefits are intended to compensate for wages lost to the effects of a debilitating medical condition. The Social Security Administration is the gatekeeper of these benefits. Even as

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Planning For Long Term Care

Assisting Your Parents with Planning For Long Term Care

Assisting Your Parents with Planning For Long Term Care It isn’t easy to discuss financial planning and long term care with aging parents. Parents may be resistant to admitting that finances are less than rock-solid or that they have not thoroughly planned for their own futures. Parents of a certain generation, moreover, may simply consider such topics to be verboten and not the subject of polite conversation—even with their own, well-meaning children. Nevertheless, it is a conversation worth having if

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Can You Apply for Social Security Benefits If You Were Self-Employed?

A self-employed person is as eligible for Social Security benefits as any salaried or hourly employee is. The questions for self-employed persons are, however, whether income has been reported properly and whether taxes have been properly paid. Upon retirement or disability, a self-employed person must have accumulated a minimum number of work credits to be eligible to apply for Social Security benefits. First, what are “work credits,” and how are they awarded by the Social Security Administration (SSA)? Social Security

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How To Help Florida Seniors Protect Themselves from Fraud and Identify Theft

One of the most important duties we have to our elderly family members is to assist them in avoiding the numerable identity theft and other fraudulent schemes targeting them. According to the FBI, millions of seniors each year are victimized by identity theft and other scams utilizing the internet, e-mail, the US Postal Services, and any number of other mediums. Florida seniors are particularly susceptible to fraud and identity theft for a number of reasons. Lack of familiarity with e-mail

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Elder Abuse Attorney in Orlando FL

How To Avoid Family Conflict When Planning Elder Care

Even without the inherent stress of aging, many families are functional only in the broadest sense. That is, each family carries the weight of its own persistent conflicts. Adult children carry grudges instilled from childhood. Siblings hold resentments over decades-old perceived inequities. Aging parents want and need more than their busy, adult children can provide. Add to this the uncertainty of health and the question of longevity, and you may find yourself in the center of a mini-hurricane. Regardless, the

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How Have Social Security Benefits Changed in 2021?

Social Security benefits have changed in several ways in 2021. Whether you are considering filing for benefits or are currently receiving SSI or SSD, it is vital to be aware of the changing state of the program. Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Increase The most immediately pertinent benefit for those already receiving Social Security benefits is an upward Cost-of-Living Adjustment (“COLA”). First, however—what is the Social Security COLA? Since the mid-1970s, increases in Social Security benefits have been tied to increases measured

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