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Top Five Reasons for Being Denied SSI Benefits

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits allow people with disabilities, who also have few economic resources, to pay for things like housing, food, transportation, going to the movies or vacation, and anything else that they desire to use their benefits for. While SSI benefits are a crucial financial tool for thousands of families and individuals throughout Florida, they are relatively small in terms of dollar sums, and most disabled people have to rely on another source of income. The current maximum

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How Combined Ratings Work for an Orlando Veterans Disability Claim

Trying to understand how the Veterans Administration calculates disability ratings can be confusing. If you have multiple disabilities, your compensation rating will be different and can be even more confusing to figure out on your own in some instances. If you need assistance with a Florida veterans disability claim, let the experienced team of Orlando veterans disability lawyers help. At the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A., we specialize in areas like veterans disability. We understand the nuances that

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Social Security Disability Benefits for 2023

Tips on How to Win Your Orlando Social Security Disability Case

Understanding how the Social Security Disability system works plays a vital role in getting your disability claim approved. Many Social Security Disability (SSDI) cases are denied upon the initial application. However, they are often approved on appeal. This typically happens when there was a mistake on your original application. Avoid making mistakes on your initial application can also help your benefits to be approved quicker. Here are some helpful tips to help improve your chances of winning your disability case.

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Possible Benefits You Qualify for Under Veterans Disability in Florida

If you have a disability and are applying for compensation benefits through the Veterans Administration, you may also qualify for other benefits. Pursuing a veterans disability claim can be a complicated process. Don’t attempt to pursue a claim independently; let an experienced Orlando veterans disability lawyer help. Examples of Benefits Available to All Veterans There are many benefits that all veterans may be entitled to receive. These include: Disability Compensation Provided you have a qualifying service-connected disability, you could be

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How the VA Rates Spinal Stenosis in Florida?

Spinal stenosis refers to the narrowing of your spinal canal, resulting in weakness, pain, and numbness when the nerves are compressed. The narrowing of your spinal canal can be caused by the degeneration of the spine or physical injury. Depending on the location and which nerve is compressed, spinal stenosis can cause a wide variety of symptoms. You could have bladder and bowel retention or incontinence, paralysis, myelopathy, and more in the most severe cases. If your spinal stenosis is

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Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Orlando Veterans’ Disability Lawyer

If you believe you’re eligible for veterans’ disability benefits, you may be worried about the complicated application process. Some people feel the same way about hiring an attorney. The idea of meeting with Orlando veterans’ disability attorneys may be intimidating as well. However, retaining the right attorney could mean the difference between receiving your benefits or being denied again. Don’t let your fears about veterans’ benefits keep you from fighting for the compensation you deserve. When you are ready to

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