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Ocala Medicaid Planning Attorney 

Medicaid provides health coverage to millions of Americans. And while Medicaid can be a wonderful benefit that offers much-needed assistance, accessing Medicaid benefits isn’t always as simple as filling out an application. For elderly persons, Medicaid planning is important. At the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A., our Ocala Medicaid planning attorney can help you to think strategically about the future and how Medicaid will play a role. Call us today to learn more.

Medicaid Planning Services in Ocala

Medicaid planning varies depending on the client and their specific needs; it can be as complex as completely restructuring one’s financial assets to ensure that Medicaid will pay for certain services, like long-term care in a nursing home, or as simple as getting documents in order to apply for Medicaid. That being said, whatever stage you’re at, engaging in Medicaid planning is important. Here’s why:

  • If you haven’t already planned for long-term care expenses, you may be surprised at just how costly nursing homes are. Planning for Medicaid improves the chances that your elderly loved one will be the care they deserve.
  • As mentioned above, the application process for Medicaid is complicated, and far more time-consuming and detailed than many people think. Getting documents in order and knowing what to expect in advance can save time and reduce stress later on.
  • It’s not uncommon for one spouse to live in a long-term care facility and for the other one, who’s healthy, to remain at home. Without a solid financial plan, though, the spouse at home may not have the resources they need to support themselves – Medicaid planning can help.
  • Medicaid planning isn’t just about planning for healthcare and long-term care/nursing home services; it’s also about protecting a family’s assets for the next generation.

Medicaid Planning Tools

When you work with the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A., our Medicaid planning attorney can guide you through various Medicaid planning tools, including:

  • Gifting your property to others;
  • Purchasing a long-term care insurance policy;
  • Leaving your home to heirs;
  • Forming a special needs trust; and
  • More.

When considering the above tools, it is always best to talk to an attorney first who can make specific recommendations based on your circumstances, needs, and finances. The above tools may not work well for everyone in every situation.

Call Our Ocala Medicaid Planning Attorneys Today

As you think about how Medicaid will factor into your future, your finances, and your healthcare, it’s important to consult with a Medicaid planning attorney who is well-versed in the law and will know how to best create a strategy that protects your best interests. At the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, we know how important having a solid plan for the future is, and our Ocala Medicaid planning lawyer is committed to providing you with the representation you need and deserve. Call our law firm directly today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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