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Social Security Disability Attorney Maitland FL

Social Security Disability Attorney Maitland FL

If you have a disability that prevents you from going about your usual work, you can apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Applying for SSD benefits involves different processes. All you need to get your application approved is a compelling and persuasive application. The majority of the SSD applications that come before the SSA are not granted. Most people are not thorough in their SSD application. That is not surprising as a higher percentage of SSD applicants do not know what their applications are expected to contain. You need to engage a professional with experience in the SSA system. You need an experienced Maitland disability Attorney to assist you with your application process.

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When Should You Contact a Disability Attorney?

Most people try to go about their SSD application process by themselves. No law mandates you to engage the services of a disability Attorney for your disability claims. However, records show that people who consult a disability attorney at the initial stage of their disability application stand better chances of having their process approved. You must contact a disability attorney from the initial stage of your application process. It is good that a disability attorney who understands the disability process begins your case with you to avoid any errors. Regardless, you may have begun your disability claim already without the assistance of a disability attorney. You can still contact one in between the process. If your disability claim has been denied, contact a disability attorney to help you file an appeal of reconsideration. Feel free to contact our Maitland disability attorney for a free consultation at any time.

How a Maitland Disability Attorney Will Help You

In case you are wondering how exactly a Maitland disability attorney can be of help to your disability application, here is what to expect.

Draft Initial Application

Unlike you, this is not a disability attorney’s first time drafting a disability claim. A disability attorney has drafted several disability claims previously and seen the outcome and understood the system. Disability attorneys know what should be in a disability claim and what should not be there. Having one review your case and draft your initial process gives your claim a greater likelihood of being granted.

Gather Necessary Evidence

Getting the necessary evidence required to accompany your disability claim is one of the most important steps to winning your disability claim. You may not know what medical evidence is needed to solidify your claim but an experienced disability does. Our Maitland disability attorney will investigate your case and obtain the needed medical evidence from your doctor

File an Appeal and Represent You in the Hearing

A qualified Maitland disability attorney will assist you to file an appeal if your initial disability claim is denied. Disability processes require professional assistance. Usually, an appeal comes before an Administrative Law Judge(ALJ) and a hearing follows. A disability attorney has been through such appeal processes so will comfortably draft a good appeal process on your behalf and represent you all through the course of the hearing. Prepare you for the questions the ALJ will throw at you and back up your claims with solid evidence and case laws.

They don’t want to have to pay you, so don’t count on the government for assistance with your application. Instead, rely on help from an experienced social security disability attorney whose only job is to see that you get the benefits you need and deserve. Maitland SSD attorney Shea Fugate has been helping people obtain SSD benefits for 30 years. The Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A. is passionate about helping people in need. Give our Maitland Social Security Disability attorney a call 407-648-8080 or request a free consultation here if you have questions about SSD or if you have applied for benefits and been rejected.


About Maitland, FL

With a population of 17,622, Maitland city is considered to be one of the most attractive cities in central Florida. The city is made of friendly neighborhoods and is an active art and history community. The city is located in Orange County, just 6 miles away from Orlando, Florida. There are many parks in Maitland where residents and visitors create beautiful outdoor memories. Recreational activities you can get involved in here include- fishing, hiking, boating, biking, water sports, baseball, etc. The Orlando International airport is the nearest airport to the city.

History of Maitland, FL

Maitland city has a rich history. In the past, the present-day Maitland was referred to as Fumecheliga. In 1838, the United States Army established it as Fort Maitland. The name was derived from a hero during the Seminole wars by the name Captain William Seton Maitland. Back then, Fort Maitland served as a place of rest stop between Fort Mellon and Fort Gatlin.

The climate in Maitland, FL

The summers in Maitland are long and got while the winters are short and cold and most times, cloudy. If you love warm weather, then you should probably fix your visit to Maitland between mid-March and mid-May. July is the hottest month in Maitland while January is the coldest month of the year in the city.

Maitland, FL, and Nearby Attractions

  • RDV Sportsplex
  • Enzian Theatre
  • Maitland Arts Center
  • Maitland Community Park
  • Waterhouse Carpentry Museum
  • Luke’s Kitchen and Bar
  • Howell Branch Nature Preserve
  • The Winter Garden Heritage Museum
  • West Orange Trail
  • Central Florida Railroad Museum of Winter Garden
  • Tupperware Confidence Museum
  • Jack Kerouac House
  • Museum of Osteology
  • Holy Land Experience
  • Horseback Riding, etc.

Maitland Museums and Libraries

  • Waterhouse Carpentry Museum
  • Maitland Public Library
  • Telephone Museum
  • Maitland Historical Museum

Different Parks in Maitland FL

There are different parks in Maitland where you can hang out with family and friends. Feel free to visit any of the following


  • Bellamy Park
  • Hill Passive Park
  • Senior Center Park
  • Lake Destiny Soccer Field
  • Covered Bridge Park
  • Kings Row Park
  • Hill Park
  • Lake Lucien Park
  • Maitland Ballfield Complex
  • Lake Sybelia Park, etc.


Public schools in Maitland include ;

  • Dommerich Elementary School is located at 1900 Choctaw Tri.
  • Hungerford Elementary School.
  • Maitland Middle School is located at 1901 Choctaw Tri.
  • Lake Sybelia Elementary School is located at 600 Sandspur Rd.
  • La Amistad is located at 1650 N Park Ave.


Maitland Private Schools Include;

  • JCC Private School- 851 N Maitland Ave.
  • King of Kings Lutheran School- 1101 N Wymore Rd.
  • Lake Forest Preparatory School- 866 Lake Howell Rd.
  • Maitland Academy – 140 Tonina Cove Ste 100
  • Orangewood Christian School- 1300 W Maitland Blvd.
  • Park Maitland School- 1450 A Orlando Avenue.
  • Jewish Academy of Orlando.
  • Maitland Montessori School.
  • La Amistad Educational Center.


Maitland has two colleges which include Everglades University and the University of Phoenix-Orlando.

Getting social security disability benefits is hard. Calling the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A. is easy. Call our Maitland SSD attorney at 407-648-8080 for a free consultation, and get started on the road to receiving the benefits you need and deserve.

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