Shea Fugate is the lawyer everyone dealing with a disability claim needs to meet. Social Security does not seem to feel a need to inform people like me that there is a level available after your appeal has been denied. I was fortunate enough to have been persuaded to call an attorney who was running an ad on TV for his disability claims. He handled claims that were denied. I called and spoke with him for a very few minutes when he said he could not help me but knew who could and gave me Ms. Fugate’s number. I spoke with her on the phone and went to see her. She looked at the paperwork she had me bring and almost immediately asked me to wait while she went to check a few things. A lot of the info used to deny my claim, at all levels, was apparently wrong. I had said that there were things on my claim that weren’t mine, but no one seemed to care. Ms. Fugate did care. She took on my claim at a Federal level and I was finally approved….back to the original filing. She is not in it for the money as she cannot charge the fees her time is worth. She is in it to help people. She cares and is a sincere lady. I would recommend Shea Fugate to anyone. I feel certain that she would be the same sincere person in whatever way one may need her. She may not get rich off of “Thank yous”, but I still thank her every day.