Having been denied twice for my social security disability benefits and going through two different attorneys who were of no help to me, I was referred to Shea Fugate from an attorney who had lost my case and said if anyone could win the benefits for you it would be Ms. Fugate. What a difference this has made in me finally achieving my ultimate goal to be approved for my disability benefits starting next month. She was positive from day one that this goal would be met and she used her skills, her knowledge and her time to reach this agreement. She shows dedication, professionalism and always makes you feel she cares and is working and keeping you informed as each step of the process is met. I would recommend her to anyone seeking social security benefits because she accomplished what the other two attorneys were unable to do. She works hard for her clients and makes them feel like she cares and is not just in it for the money. Thank you so much Ms. Fugate.