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Winter Park Pet Trust Attorney

If you love your pets like family, you will do all you can to protect them and provide for their needs in the future. Unfortunately, shelters in Florida and throughout the US are often forced to take in adored companion animals when their humans cannot care for them. As much as we consider them family, pets do not share the same legal rights and benefits. When you pass or are no longer able to provide care, your furry friend does not enjoy the same protections.

However, there are proactive options you may want to consider, including pet trusts that enable you to provide for the future needs of a four-legged beneficiary. At the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A., our team works with clients on all aspects of trust creation, so we can assist with the details. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with a Winter Park pet trusts attorney today. Some background information may also be useful.

How Pet Trusts Work in Florida

In general, these structures function just like a trust you might create for a human. As such:

  • You, as grantor, establish the trust by executing the proper documents. You must fund the trust by titling your property in its name, and you will appoint a person to act as trustee to manage the assets.
  • In the trust, you will also name someone as caregiver for your pet. This is the individual who will receive payments from the trust as you designate, to use for the benefit of your furry companion.
  • A pet trust can also include a wide range of provisions for your animal’s care, such as living arrangements, a designated number of vet visits per year, or particular brand of food.
  • If any funds remain in the trust after your pet passes, you can name a beneficiary who will receive them.

Legal Considerations and Requirements Regarding Pet Trusts

Like any trust, you must create it in accordance with relevant laws. A Winter Park pet trusts attorney can assist with determining the basic arrangement and preparing the documents. When the beneficiary is an animal, however, you should also note the following considerations.

  • You will need to provide a means of identifying your pet for purposes of the trust, which you may do through microchip.
  • Not only must you choose a trustee you can count on, but you will also need a caregiver you can trust to carry out your intentions.
  • Make sure the trustee has access to inspect your pet on a regular basis, if he or she is not the caregiver.
  • Review your pet’s costs of living, so that you fund the trust with sufficient assets to cover them.

A Winter Park Social Pet Trusts Attorney Can Help with the Arrangements

The laws may not treat your beloved pet like a member of the family, but they do provide you with options for creating an arrangement that does. For more information on pet trusts, please contact the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A. We can set up a consultation to discuss the benefits, requirements, and related legal issues.

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