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5 Things to Know Before You Apply for Social Security Disability

Making the decision to file a claim for Social Security disability can weigh heavy on your mind, especially considering the fact that you face an uphill battle throughout the process. To gain approval on your initial application, you need to prove that you suffer from a disabling medical condition that affects your ability to earn an income – among several other requirements. There’s a good chance that you’ll be denied on the first try, which means essential financial support will be delayed. Worse, your application may be rejected by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Because of the difficulties in getting timely approval for your claim, it’s smart to hire a Florida Social Security disability lawyer at the earliest possible stages. You might also benefit from learning the most important things to know before you file.

  1. How SSA Evaluates Your Work: SSA has a very narrow definition of your ability to perform job-related tasks, using a measurement termed “substantial gainful activity” (SGA). This factor is financial in nature, as it relates to how much you can earn in income in a month. If you make less than $1,220 in 2019, you’re not reaching SGA and may be eligible for benefits.
  1. Assessment of Your Medical Condition: Your injury or ailment must either prevent you from working or impose limitations on what you can do on-the-job. In most cases, your medical condition will incorporate a combination of medical conditions that affect your ability to earn the SGA threshold. Your health issues may be physical, emotional, or mental, but you must provide proper evidentiary support to qualify for disability benefits.
  1. Implications of SSA’s Blue Book: SSA has published a Listing of Impairments that are classified by how they affect the human body. If you directly meet one of the items in the Blue Book, your claim could be approved quickly. In many cases, you’ll have to offer evidence that your condition is the functional equivalent of a listing.
  1. Your Ability to Do Your Previous Job: As part of the evaluation, SSA will look to whether you can perform duties of the position you most recently held before applying for disability benefits. If you ARE able to do your job, your claim will be denied.
  1. When You can Do Other Work: When you cannot do your previous work, SSA will still assess whether you can perform essential tasks of some other job. Considerations include your age, education, experience. When you CAN reasonably transfer your skills and your medical condition doesn’t affect your job, SSA may deny your claim since you can do other work.

Talk to a Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney About Filing a Claim 

It’s time-consuming, arduous work to understand the details of a Social Security disability claim, but you can increase your chances of quick approval by working with a skilled lawyer. To learn more, please contact the Orlando Social Security disability attorneys at the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, PA to set up a consultation.

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