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Ms. Shea Fugate – Fantastic lawyer

We were recommended to Ms. Shea Fugate by our physician. When we contacted Ms. Fugate, we had no idea what to expect and what needed to be done for the social security process. So, when my husband and I met with Ms. Shea Fugate, she made us feel comfortable, answer all of our questions patiently and guided us through every step of the way with ease. We were very fortunate to have been recommended to Ms. Shea Fugate and we highly recommend her to anyone who needs a top-notch social security attorney and great supporting staff. Thank you again, Ms. Fugate, for the great work that you did for us.


Highly Recommend

Attorney Shea Fugate’s calming demeanor and professional approach throughout the required process, called Social Security Disability, resulted in an awarded judgment. Her experience was obvious and her timelines were precise. I highly recommend her.


When in need call SHEA

If you need an SSI disability lawyer, Shea is the one you need contact, my case was turned down twice, fearing I would not be heard Shea took my case and thanks to her I was approved. She was there for me for all my needs and stood by me through I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, if you need someone to help you look no further.

Pia Lyons

A lawyer who knows the law! Shea is compassionate and will fight for you!

My brother referred me to Shea because she was able to assist him with his disability. I was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2014, after a few surgeries, I tried to go back to work after 5 months. I was unable to continue working and was out of work for another 13 months. During this time Shea filled for social security disability. I was denied twice and we appealed and waited on a hearing. While waiting on a hearing I had my 5th surgery and my arm was healing well. My current employer asked if I would like to return to work in a different position. I consulted Shea, she said try it and if it doesn’t work out we continue for disability, if it does we try for the period I was out of work (13 months). At the hearing, Shea stated to the judge that I was originally out for 5 months, tried to go back to work and couldn’t, then went back after 13 months. Well, the judge granted the 5 months and the 13 months. Shea knows the law well, she really someone I trusted, I felt comfortable talking to her. I have already recommended Shea to a few people at work.

This is a long process, stay with it, you are in capable hands!


Cream of the Crop Attorney

I was referred to Ms. Fugate from another lawyer after I was denied for disability at the hearing level. I had a different lawyer up till that point but he clearly was no good. Shae took one look at my denial letter and found plenty of issues. She took my case and we moved forward together to the Appeals Council. She did such a great job on my appeal request that my case was remanded back for a second hearing. I was a nervous wreck but Ms. Fugate was always there to calm me down and answer questions. The day of the hearing Ms. Fugate was perfectly prepared, professional and confident enough for the both of us. She did an amazing job walking me through the hearing and got me approved. I highly recommend Ms. Fugate to anyone looking for a disability lawyer. She is hard-working, caring and REALLY knows her stuff.


Excellent Professional

Shea Fugate took my Social Security Disability case from another lawyer and after 4 years of waiting she helped me win my case. She took the time to explain the entire process. Thanks Shea for all your help in getting my Social Security Disability and God bless you and your assistant always.

Elizabeth Guerra J.

Social Security Disability Attorney Recommendation

Having been denied twice for my social security disability benefits and going through two different attorneys who were of no help to me, I was referred to Shea Fugate from an attorney who had lost my case and said if anyone could win the benefits for you it would be Ms. Fugate. What a difference this has made in me finally achieving my ultimate goal to be approved for my disability benefits starting next month. She was positive from day one that this goal would be met and she used her skills, her knowledge and her time to reach this agreement. She shows dedication, professionalism and always makes you feel she cares and is working and keeping you informed as each step of the process is met. I would recommend her to anyone seeking social security benefits because she accomplished what the other two attorneys were unable to do. She works hard for her clients and makes them feel like she cares and is not just in it for the money. Thank you so much Ms. Fugate.


Excellent Attorney

I was in need of an attorney to handle my disability claim and Shea Fugate was to the right person for the job. She is amazing at taking control and working extremely hard for her clients. She met with me and explained what I could expect when going before the Judge, which was very helpful. She is professional and caring and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent Attorney.


Professional and compassionate!!!

Hiring an attorney while dealing with a debilitating health issue was not what I would have chosen to do at a bad time in my life. With all the red tape with workers comp and long term disability and them forcing me to file for social security disability, I contacted Shea Fugate’s office for help. I was treated with compassion and professionalism by Shea and her assistant from my first call to her office. I was kept updated on my case from day 1 all the way through to resolution. I have recommended Shea to others and their experiences were the same as mine. Shea is passionate about helping people like me, and went above and beyond my expectations! I highly recommend Shea Fugate!


One of the best

I have had 3 other social security attorneys. then I was referred to Ms. Fugate. Best lawyer ever, caring and informative on my case. Social security prolongs their decision and doesn’t even look at your paperwork for 18 to 24 months. she stayed on top of it for me. I am so glad I hired her. No, I don’t have an answer yet from Social security but I feel relieved that I chose such a professional good caring lawyer.


Shea Fugate is the lawyer everyone dealing with a disability claim needs to meet. Social Security does not seem to feel a need to inform people like me that there is a level available after your appeal has been denied. I was fortunate enough to have been persuaded to call an attorney who was running an ad on TV for his disability claims. He handled claims that were denied. I called and spoke with him for a very few minutes when he said he could not help me but knew who could and gave me Ms. Fugates number.

I spoke with her on the phone and went to see her. She looked at the paperwork she had me bring and almost immediately asked me to wait while she went to check a few things. A lot of the info used to deny my claim, at all levels, was apparently wrong. I had said that there were things on my claim that weren’t mine, but no one seemed to care. Ms. Fugate did care. She took on my claim at a Federal level and I was finally approved….back to the original filing. She is not in it for the money as she cannot charge the fees her time is worth. She is in it to help people. She cares and is a sincere lady.

I would recommend Shea Fugate to anyone. I feel certain that she would be the same sincere person in whatever way one may need her.

She may not get rich off of “Thank yous”, but I still thank her every day.


Social Security Attorney Shea Fugate Review

When I first contacted Ms. Fugate, I had no idea what to expect but she made me feel at ease from our first conversation. She is very thorough so I provided everything she asked for and she took it from there. She also made herself available to me when I had questions or concerns. In my case, I had to go in front of a judge with my case. She was there beside me all the way. I highly recommend Shea Fugate for anyone who needs a top-notch social security attorney. She is honest and straight forward, but yet personable. I have referred a few people to Ms. Fugate and she has also served them well.


Social Security Disability

Absolutely, I can say without a doubt that I would recommend her. She’s on the job, calls you personally, does what she going to do.


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