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How to Add or Remove Dependents from Your Veterans’ Disability Benefits

If you are a military veteran with a service-related disability rating of at least 10%, you could be entitled to receive disability benefits through the VA. If you have a disability rating of 30% or more and have dependents, you might receive additional compensation. Dependents can be a spouse, child, or even a parent under your care.

Filing for disability benefits can be complicated. It would be best if you worked with a skilled Orlando veterans’ disability attorney as we can help you expedite the process and increase your chances of approval. If you are already approved for benefits and need assistance with disputing your disability rating or more, contact the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A. for assistance.

Changing Declaration of Status for Dependents

There are two ways you can change the status of your dependents. The first is electronically through eBenefits. You will need an account with Premium Access, which will provide you there with a section to add or remove a dependent to your compensation award.

The second method is through a paper form. VA Form 21-686c is the Declaration of Dependents. VA Form 21-674 is the Request for Approval of School Attendance for dependents over age 18 and attending school. The third form is VA Form 21-509, which is a Statement of Dependency of Parent(s). The form you need will vary based on what changes you need to make.

The Declaration of Status of Dependents is a two-page form and requires you to enter personal information. It should take you around 15 minutes to complete. Once it’s complete, you will mail it to the respective VA center handling your disability claim. You can download VA Form 21-686c online.

You will need the Request for Approval of School Attendance when you have dependent children over 18 attending school. Your children cannot be claimed as dependents beyond age 18 unless they are attending a qualified college. You can also download VA Form 21-674 online.

If you support your parents, you can use the Statement of Dependency of Parents. The relationship of parent-child is defined as a natural parent, a parent through adoption, a foster mother or father, or stepparents who stood in the role of a parent). Be advised there are financial restrictions related to eligibility requirements for parents.

Should You File Online or Mail Your Forms In?

The decision of whether to apply online is a personal choice. Obviously, the processing time might be quicker, provided all the information you included is complete and accurate. Absent possible processing time, there are no other differences. Do not submit multiple claims, or it can delay the claims process.

Once your claim is received, the VA will send an email. They will send another one when it’s downloaded, and they are processing your application. If you have questions, you would be directed to speak with the regional VA center handling your disability claim.

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