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How to Apply for a Social Security Disability Claim in Florida?

Social Security Disability Benefits for 2023

In the event you become disabled and are unable to work, you might be entitled to disability benefits. These benefits could include medical insurance and monthly income payments from Social Security. There is no guarantee that your benefits will be approved, but you won’t know unless you complete the application process.

It may be frustrating and seem hopeless, but the longer you stick it out, there is a greater chance of success. To improve your chances of having your application approved, you need the expertise of a skilled Orlando Social Security Disability Claims attorney.

Filing for SSD Benefits

The application process for Social Security Disability benefits is relatively easy. You have the option to apply online, in person at your local SSA office, or through an interview over the phone. Once your application has been submitted, the waiting game begins. It can take months, maybe four to five, before you will hear something back.

During the waiting period, you may receive communication from the SSA. They may need additional medical records or want you to submit to a physical examination. This is when having an attorney on your side is beneficial. In the event your application is approved, it’s a feat to be celebrated as very few applications are approved without the SSA requiring a hearing.

In the event your application was denied, your Orlando Social Security Disability Claims attorney will be there to help.

What to Do if Your Claim is Denied?

If you received a denial, you can ask the SSA to reconsider your application. This request would mean a completely new reviewer would look at your case. You are also allowed to submit new evidence or information that was omitted from your first application at this time. You may view this new review as your chance for approval. However, remember that there is a risk that the second reviewer may look at portions of your application in a less favorable light.

When you have an attorney representing you, they will review the denial and the facts of your case. They will identify issues and problems from your initial denial. They will also provide a recommendation as to whether to request reconsideration and move forward with a hearing.

While some might get their cases approved during reconsideration, the fact is that most people are turned down again and will need to request a hearing. Don’t give up, as there is a chance that you will get approved at this stage.

Requesting a Hearing

If you receive a denial, you have 65 days to request a hearing. For hearings, the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) will be responsible for appointing an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who will hear your case.

Hearings take less than an hour and may or may not involve witness testimony. During the hearing, the ALJ will want to know information about your condition, your past work, etc. He or she will decide within a month or two of the hearing if you are disabled. Be prepared for a long wait though as it can take a year or more to get it scheduled.

Contact a Florida SSD Claims Attorney

If you need help, contact an Orlando SSD claims process attorney at the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A. today to schedule an initial consultation.

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