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You may have the right to claim Social Security Disability (SSD) payments when you’re no longer able to work due to sickness or damage. It is in your best advantage to consult Shea A. Fugate, P.A Social Security Disability Attorney, when you consider a claim. The initial assessment step rejects a large percentage of SSD claims.

01. What’s social security disability?

You have to comply with some standards and complete a particular approval process to qualify for SSD compensation. You must fulfill the criteria of “disabled” by the Social Security Administration and have a credible benefit claim. If your request is first refused, as occurs in most situations, it may take a year or more for your application to be considered. You may then have a limited period to appeal the decision. The first call is for the initial denial to be reconsidered.

02. What disability is social security eligible in Florida?

SSDI is meant to offer benefits to persons who have worked and paid for their welfare but who have been disadvantaged due to accident or sickness and cannot work. Social Security Disability Insurance SSDI, you must be fully incapacitated to be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), unable to perform in any sort of productive activity, irrespective of your job prior to your disability.

03. How social security disability works in Florida?

Based on the current SSA it varies from the terminology used in other programs, although it is not the social security administration. No partial or short-term disability payments are granted under social security disability. You are only deemed handicapped for the purposes of SSD if:

  • You cannot accomplish the task you have done before you have been handicapped;
  • Due to your physical health, SSA believes that you cannot adapt to other work;
  • Your disability has persisted for at minimum one year or is likely to last or until you die for at least one year.

04. What social security disability benefits?

When social security payments are made out of the social security trust fund, welfare benefits are not. SSI reimbursements are not payable. The program is based on needs, with benefits paid from the general tax budget, and there are no requirements for employment history. You may also be considered for SSI compensation if you are handicapped but it can be eligible for SSDI benefits because of inadequate employment history. The categories of disability payments offered under the Social Security Act are:

  • Disability Insurance for Social Security
  • Handicapped Widow, Widower and Divorced Spouse Survival Insurance (DSSI)
  • Childhood Disability Insurance
  • Supplementary Security Income
  • Juvenile Disability

05. What information do I need to request social security incentives?

You have to collect certain papers to submit your application; you claim benefits online to find a regional office for the Social Security. They contain:

  • All medical documents you own
  • Remuneration for employees’ account details, especially injury date, complaint number and compensation contracts
  • Marital and children’s name and birth dates
  • Wedding dates and separation dates
  • Military personnel information
  • Account balances or savings bank account number for instant money check deposits
  • Statistics about work record, the sorts of occupations you had in the 15 years before you were handicapped and your dates
  • You must assume the first application procedure to take one hour if you have the details.

06. I was handicapped, my doctor said. Does it mean I have to be entitled to disability benefits?

No. However, the assessment of your specialist alone is not enough to qualify for benefits. There is a fairly strict definition of impairment in the social security administration. Your health condition needs to be projected to persist for one year or more or to be a terminal disease, as well as to avoid considerable employment due of your disability or disease. You may be asked to visit a physician for a Social Security Administration medical checkup. This doctor will assess your impairment and if you can still perform a lot of job.

07. My application for disability has been refused. What am I supposed to do?

When you get an SSDI refusal letter, your initial approach should be to call the expert Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A. Disability Lawyer to assess your disability claim freely. In this case, a number of persons collecting disability payments are deprived.
Expert SSD lawyer Shea A. Fugate, P.A. will help you lodge an appeal and seek your benefit for your handicap to get the money you need. The complaints procedure consists of four phases. In case you get a notice of refusal earlier, you must file an appeal in writing for 60 days from the date of receipt of the notice.

08. What’s a reassessment?

The first stage is in the complaints procedure if your petition is refused by your Social Security Disability Determination Services is a petition to review your claim. Disabilities Evaluation Center is a Florida government organization that assesses social security disability compensation claims and survivor benefits income support, the two main disability programs.
Reappraisal includes an examination by someone who was not involved in the first judgment of your full record and the medical proof of your impairment. Since you already provided information, the evaluator will also evaluate any new data and evidence on medical tests and treatments. According to the Social Security Administration, the average period to review disability applications is about 160 days.

09. How can Shea A. Fugate, P.A. Disability Lawyers help under Florida law?

We are experienced in managing Social Security Disability claims at Shea A. Fugate, P.A. Law Offices. We appreciate Florida disability legislation and can assist you in the process of making your appeals, ensuring enough medical evidence of your impairment and represent you.
Shea A Fugate, P.A will safeguard your rights and assist you receive the benefits you need from social security lawyers. For competent legal advice and leading assistance in your social security disability lawsuit, consult our office immediately 1-407-539-0123.

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