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What is Elder Law in Florida?

As you age, your needs change. The primary focus of elder law is to prioritize the needs of individuals and families as they age. Elder law is a specialty area that many people often overlook. The idea of elder law is to prepare the aging population to prepare for their own financial freedom and autonomy. If you need assistance with elder law topics, speak with an Orlando elder law attorney.


At the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate, P.A., we have years of experience handling elder law matters for clients just like you. We can assist you with all your more senior law needs, including long-term care and Medicaid planning, long-term disability denials, and more.


Long-Term Care Planning


With nursing homes and long-term care facilities costing over $100K a year in most cases—just for a semi-private room—planning for the future is crucial. We can help you figure out what kind of tools you need for life care planning. For most people, long-term care is entirely unaffordable unless you have some government assistance. Medicaid does cover long-term care, but only for those in financial need. If you plan correctly, you could qualify for Medicaid coverage; otherwise, you could be forced to sell off your assets and spend down your life savings. Your spouse and children will be left with nothing after your lifetime or working and saving.


Medicaid planning should be something you start doing as young as possible. You never know when you might need long-term care. What if you are in a catastrophic car accident? Medicaid has cutoffs and stringent eligibility guidelines. You can’t become disabled and transfer all your assets and immediately qualify. You would’ve needed to move them years prior.


Have You Received a Long-Term Disability Denial?


Long-term disability (LTD) insurance can help replace your own income if you are disabled and can no longer work after an accident or some other disabling event. You can purchase LTD insurance privately, but you can also receive it as part of your employment or membership in specific professional organizations. It’s ideal if you have coverage as part of your employment. Purchasing LTD insurance privately is quite expensive. As you age, earn more, or have health problems, it’s even more costly to try and purchase independently.


You might think that having LTD insurance pays out quickly, but they are known for denying many claims. Sometimes, the reasons are valid such as no proof of the loss. However, sometimes they use unscrupulous tactics to deny claims or reduce benefits once approved. Sometimes, their actions are illegal, and they are acting in bad faith of the policy. You could have the right to bring a civil lawsuit for financial damages and the benefits you are owed.


Contact an Orlando Elder Law Attorney


If you are interested in learning more about long-term care planning and Medicaid or have received a long-term disability denial, let the skilled Orlando elder law attorneys at the Law Offices of Shea A. Fugate P.A. help. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.


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